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CommEST - uma ferramenta de apoio ao método de avaliação de comunicabilidade (Dissertação)

Salgado, L.C.C (2007) CommEST - uma ferramenta de apoio ao método de avaliação de comunicabilidade. M.Sc. Diss. Port. Presentation: 28/03/07 221 p. Advisor: Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza.
Abstract: With increasing competition among software producers and free distribution of software over the Internet, there is a growing concern with developing high-quality software, which can actually improve people's lives and allow for pleasant and productive use experience. To this end, one of the industry's needs is the availability of methods and techniques for evaluating use experience. Some computer tools have been developed to support the application of existing evaluation methods. Among them, some are commercial, others have been developed in universities, in non-governmental organizations, and some have even been developed by government agencies. The focus of this work is on the communicability evaluation method, an epistemic tool proposed by Semiotic Engineering, a semiotic theory of human-computer interaction. The method consists of a systematic procedure for evaluating the user' experience as they interact with systems, emphasizing the communicative aspects of the process. Although it is taught in a considerable number of graduate and undergraduate schools of Informatics in Brazil, the method is not sufficiently utilized to either generate new knowledge for human-computer interaction research, or consolidate itself as a tool for extensive professional practice. This is the consequence of difficulties in learning and teaching the method. Therefore, this work presents a computer tool to support the application of the communicability evaluation method, specifically designed to facilitate the teaching and learning of the method.

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