Semiotic Engineering Research Group

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Publications by SERG

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176 CommEST - Uma ferramenta de apoio ao método de Avaliação de Comunicabilidade (CLIHC'2007) 1597
177 Semiotic Engineering A new paradigm for designing interactive systems 1270
178 Modelo conceitual e requisitos de projeto de um serviço de privacidade para aplicações baseadas em localização 1915
179 The Semiotic Inspection Method 1662
180 Comparação entre os métodos de avaliação de base cognitiva e semiótica 1605
181 Semiotically-informed design: a case for semiotic engineering 1427
182 Um serviço flexível para a configuração e manutenção da política de privacidade de usuários de aplicações LBS 1337
183 The Semiotic Engineering of User Interface Languages 1705
184 Enhancing the Human-Computer Interface of Power System Applications (TOPS) 1375
185 A Semiotic Framework for Multi-user Interfaces 1472
186 ADD+: Including rhetorical structures in active documents 1320
187 Missing and Declining Affordances: Are these Appropriate Concepts? 1352
188 Communicability Evaluation Method for User Interfaces 1839
189 A Semiotic Engineering Approach to User Interface Design 1412
190 Echoes of semiotically-based design in the development and testing of a workflow system 1469
191 Extending software through metaphors and metonymies KBS2001 1360
192 Semiotic Engineering Principles for Evaluating End-User Programming Environments 1687
193 Inginiera Semiótica y Comunicabilidad de las Interfaces de Usuario 1529
194 Adopting Information Technology as a First Step in Design: Lessons Learned from Working with Brazilian Social Volunteers 1349
195 Designing online help systems for reflective users. 1420
196 Compulsory institutionalization: investigating the paradox of computer-supported informal social processes 3973
197 A Framework for Analyzing and Understanding Online Communities 3179
198 Getting the Message Across in RST-Based Text Generation 3268
199 Interação Humano-Computador: Perspectivas Cognitivas e Semióticas 3699
200 Structured Argument Generation in a Logic-Based KB System (Book Chapter) 3081
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