Semiotic Engineering Research Group

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Publications by SERG

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26 Characterizing Intercultural Encounters in Human-Computer Interaction 111
27 Analysis of Configuration Decision Space Over Time: The Google Inactive Manager Account Case 105
28 Signifying software engineering to computational thinking learners with AgentSheets and PoliFacets 113
29 Analysis of Configuration Decision Space Over Time: 129
30 Why and how to investigate interaction design of software development tools 243
31 Os meus, os seus, os nossos: reuso de exemplo e a autoexpressão de alunos de programação 287
32 A capture & access technology to support documentation and tracking of qualitative research applied 273
33 Autoexpressão e engenharia semiótica do usuário-designer 281
34 Communicative Dimensions of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) 240
35 Comunicação através de modelos no contexto do desenvolvimento de software 259
36 Uma Infraestrutura de Captura & Acesso para Instrumentação de Avaliações Qualitativas de IHC 436
37 Cultural appropriation of computational thinking acquisition research: seeding fields of diversity 874
38 Combining semiotic and cognitive perspectives to evaluate software interaction design 627
39 Characterizing the tool-notation-people triplet in software modeling tasks 653
40 Uma introdução à engenharia semiótica: conceitos e métodos 1761
41 Going back and forth in metacommunication threads 876
42 On signifying the complexity of inter-agent relations in agentsheets games and simulations 1092
43 A Journey Through Cultures: Metaphors for Guiding the Design of Cross-Cultural Interactive Systems 737
44 Semiotics and Human-Computer Interaction 884
45 Multi-level communicability evaluation of a prototyping tool 1001
46 Cross-Communicability: Evaluating the Meta-Communication of Cross-Platform Application 1090
47 Using Mediated Communication to Teach Vocational Concepts to Deaf Users 1060
48 Communicating ideas in computer-supported modeling tasks: A case study with BPMN 1473
49 Metacommunication and semiotic engineering: Insights from a study with mediated HCI 1155
50 Semiotic perspectives on interactive languages for life on the screen 1329
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